spaces & Places

A space to worship

a place to heal

A space to worship, a place to heal, a space for new friends, a place to find God! Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ and that mission happens in Spaces & Places.

You can help expand the mission at TheEdge.Church by giving above and beyond your 10% tithe to Spaces & Places.

The tithe is the first 10% of your income that should be given to your local church. An offering is anything given beyond the tithe, but not in place of the tithe.

Spaces & Places is the best place to give  above and beyond your tithe.

Setup your giving on TheEdge.Church App.


  • Higher quality experiences

  • Larger auditorium to host more people including 548 seats, with 24-ft tall ceiling and acoustic treatment

  • More opportunities for additional experience times

  • More opportunities for community outreach

  • Large and open 5,200 sqft lobby

  • More secure EdgeKids are with 7 classrooms and kids-only restrooms

  • Bigger and better EdgeKids classrooms

  • 24/7 Presence in community

  • 27,727 sq ft building

  • Larger and centrally located restrooms

*Front-facing image of TheEdge's new home*

The edge building layout